Artist’s Statement

I am a painter and papermaker. When painting I mix oil, hot melted beeswax, sand, earth and plaster with pure coloured pigments to create vibrant and richly textured paintings. When I make paper I like to incorporate light sources, which illuminate the inner qualities of the paper. Connecting the two processes is a love of natural , organic materials.

My recent oil paintings are semi abstract landscapes influenced by the  heat of  the Andalucian summers, the lack of rain, the intense blues of the ocean, the wide expanses of both land and sky, and the fields of fruit trees. Despite working spontaneously when painting, I will work for many hours over extended periods of time building up textures, and a single painting, small or large, can take months to reach a conclusion. Sometimes the history or journey of the painting, which goes through many stages and changes, is revealed in parts of the finished work by a method of scraping back or heating the paint to reveal the fresh colours of first decisions made. It has been said that my paintings are like tapestries or fragments of fabric, and have a jewel like quality. Whatever happens I want my work to retain a freshness.

I also work directly from the landscape using watercolours on a small, intimate scale.

I love colour and the emotions it has the power to convey. With all the searching for composition, visual coherence, harmony, movement and calmness, my first and last concern and primary motivation in my work is colour.

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