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From air to earth

From Air to Earth: Close-up

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Handmade papers made by the artist from locally gathered esparto grass, Australian flax, fig and banana leaf, recycled papers and tissue paper,scrim,inclusions of eucalypus leaves and seed pods.

‘From Air to Earth’ was made especially for a space given to me in the exhibition SaloArte, Salobrena 2014. Suspended from the ceiling from a bamboo structure and dropping to just above the ground, it measures 2 meters in length and has 5 sections, each with 4 layers. It was lit naturally from behind.


Falling Leaves: Close-up

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Handmade papers made by the artist naturally dyed with mimosa blossom. Esparto grass, banana and avocado leaf papers, recycled papers,scrim,japanese papers,hand pulled monoprints from honeysuckle leaves, wool and threads.

This piece was shown in the exhibition ‘Arte Experimental Textile’ Casa de la Cultura, Almuncar,Granada in 2014.

SOWING SEEDS RESIDENCY: One step at a time

Piece in environment

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Children Monoprinting on Clay-dyed papers

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Handmade Paper Book

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“One Step at a Time” Handmade Paper Piece. Kozo fibre, monoprints made by children of Badanger village on clay dyed paper, locally found sari fabrics, petals and leaves. 2020.

Measurements: 230 cm x 60cm

This handmade paper piece , together with various accordion books, was made as part of the 7th Sowing Seeds Residency Program in the tribal village of Badanger , Rajasthan, India. I participated in this residency alongside 24 other artists.

It was a collaboration in which I encouraged the children of the village to draw on hand dyed papers with an inked up copper plate underneath it. This intreged and delighted the children, as what was revealed was quite unexpected, and completely different in colour, and a mirror image of their drawing. This traditional monoprinting technique kept them interested.

Meanwhile I made paper from local kozo fibre, school textbooks and recycled cotton, some dyed with the local clay paints.

Finally l combined my papers with the joyful children’s drawings and made books and the work “One step at a Time” which was mounted on the farms ladder, which made it mobile.

We were able to place it in various settings in and around the village school.